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Un Mini Appartamento dalla Forte Personalità nel Cuore di Torino

26 marzo 2017

Gli spazi sono finemente arredati dagli esperti di OPERA 4 ARCHITETTI, i quali hanno adottato un criterio di sobrietà e funzionalità, senza tralasciare tocchi di eleganza… Insomma, il posto ideale dove accogliere gli ospiti che giungono in città! Scopriamolo subito!

The cost-optimal methodology for the energy retrofit of an ex-industrial building located in Northern Italy

1 September 2016

The recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) introduced a comparative methodological framework for calculating cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements. The cost-optimal methodology, conceived for national authorities, was here exploited as a decision-making tool for supporting a private investor in choosing the most viable energy scenario. 

22 dicembre 2014/Journal of Daylighting

This paper presents a study for the transformation of an industrial area in Turin, Italy. The area hosts two buildings (one of which appointed as listed) to be transformed into dwellings. A synergic approach was adopted which combined expertise from architecture, social-economics, psychology and building physics sciences. Building physics sciences lead the research team. A user-centered design was pursued, using a bottom-up approach.


6th International Building Physics Conference, IBPC 2015

The recast of the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) requires Member States to set minimum energy performance requirements, for buildings, on the cost-optimal level. In Italy, the EPBD recast was transposed in a document (published in GU 2012/C 115) orienting the delegated regulation 244/2012 EU. Following cost-optimal methodology different energy efficiency measures were applied to an abandoned industrial building in Turin, Northern Italy, in order to identify the best retrofit configuration in terms of energy and cost effectiveness.

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